KTM –All Road - – Macina Cross 8-400

KTM All Road - Macina Sport 9 CX4

Electric bike available for hire

An electric hybrid bicycle, fitted with the famous Bosch Performance Line CX  motor fitted at the chainring with an ergonomic console and a next-generation Bosch 400Wh lithium-ion battery.

This model is from the highly reputed KTM brand, and is fitted with a range of high-quality equipment.

Dynamism, comfort and pleasure to use, the KTM Macina Sport 9 CX4 is a versatile electric bicycle which is perfect for both leisure use and day to day transport.

Frame: Aluminium Macina Trekking Onroad Alloy 

Colours: Anthracite grey and blue

Weight: 23.8kg

Size:  Size 51 with a "Unisex" frame (the upper tube is sloped to make mounting and dismounting easier). 

MotorBosch Performance Line CX motor located at the chainring.

One of the most performing motors in the market benefitting from the know-how and from the reliability of Bosch


The Bosch PowerPack 400 has a 400Wh capacity and provides an exceptional battery life.  Depending on how you use it, you can make 100km journeys effortlessly.

Thanks to its lithium-ion technology, this is a reliable power supply.  This provides the best and most consistent power for electric bicycles.

Console:  Bosch Intuvia and separate control.

The new control screen design gives you a clear view of the information you need, including average and current speed, battery life, distance covered and even the journey duration.  Thanks to the separate control unit on the handlebar, it is easy and safe to use the screen.

Brakes: Shimano M315 Hydraulic disk brake

This hydraulic disc braking system provides optimal braking power and efficiency.

Gear shift: Shimano Deore M592 SGS-shadow

A very reliable 9-speed drivetrain by Shimano.

Fork: Suntour NEX E25 coil

Integrated suspension for better traction and improved comfort.

Wheels: 622 x 42

Handles: Ergonomic handles. 

Optimized contact for all contact points between the cyclist and the handlebar thanks to the ergonomic handles which reduce pressure on the palms.


What kind of use?

A highly versatile electric bicycle for use in urban areas or the countryside on roads and tracks suitable for vehicles.  Fun and flexible, the KTM Macina Sport 9 CX4 lets you discover easily hard-to-access places with a maximum of pleasure.


What kind of user?

The rider is positioned closer to the front than a traditional city bike, giving a smoother, sportier ride.  However, this is not a mountain bike.  The KTM Macina Sport 9 CX4 is perfect for the very demanding long-distance cyclist.