KTM All road - Size 46 - Macina Cross 8-400 - (children's seat option available)

KTM All road - Size 46 - Macina Cross 8-400 - (children's seat option available)

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An electric hybrid bicycle, fitted with a Bosch Active Line motor fitted at the chainring with an ergonomic console and a next-generation Bosch 400Wh lithium-ion battery.

This model is from the highly reputed KTM brand, and is fitted with a range of high-quality equipment: rim-mounted hydraulic brakes and rear-wheel gear change with no derailleur, enabling you to change gears while stationary.

Blending elegance, comfort and pleasure to use, the KTM Macina Cross 8-400 is a versatile electric bicycle which is perfect for both leisure use and day to day transport.

What kind of use?

A highly versatile electric bicycle for use in urban areas or the countryside on roads and tracks suitable for vehicles.  Fun and flexible, the KTM Macina CROSS 8-400Wh lets you discover hard to access towns and locations safely and effortlessly.

What kind of user?

The rider is positioned closer to the front than a traditional city bike, giving a smoother, sportier ride.  However, this is not a mountain bike.  The KTM Macina CROSS 8-400Wh is perfect for the calm yet demanding long-distance cyclist.

Recommended for cyclists measuring between 1.55 and 1.75m.